TMJ Pain. What is it, and can Chiropractic Help?

We have had a lot of great success with TMJ problems our office. TMJ stands for temporal mandibular joint and it is located just in front of the ears on both sides of the jaw. When a new patient presents to our office with jaw pain we do an extensive history and, exam to figure out exactly what is going on.

We can test this joint having the patient place three fingers stacked one on top of another into their mouth if the patient cannot open their mouth wide enough to accommodate the three fingers it means they’re having a problem with either one or both of the TM joints. We also palpate the sides of the jaw while having the patient open and close their mouth, here we are feeling for clicking or popping in the joint. We are also looking for the jaw to open and close smoothly without any deviation from side to side.

Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment can begin. TMJ problems are generally treated with a combination of joint mobilization, and muscle relaxing techniques. These techniques are performed by hand and by computer guided technology. The patient is coached on how to massage the joint themselves at home and they are given instructions of what they should be doing and what they should not be doing in order to give them the best possible chance at success. If you or someone you know is suffering from jaw pain, call our office with any questions or concerns.

Yours in health,

Ryan Giel DC

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