The Insurance Company Wants Me To Settle. Should I?

Often times an insurance company will contact an accident victim very shortly after an accident to try to entice them into settling. Once they get you to agree to a settlement they are free and clear from any further obligation when it comes to your care. The settlement by the way not only frees them from further obligation but is also an unfair settlement. There is no reason for a patient to talk to an insurance adjuster before getting checked by a health care professional that specializes in musculoskeletal disorders such as a Chiropractor. If the adjuster needs any information on a patient’s health status our office can release that information to avoid any confusion. If you have any questions about insurance companies feel free to stop by our office at 3120 Wilkinson Blvd. Suite D3 Charlotte NC 28208 or call us at (704) 399-1300.

Yours for Better Health,

Dr. Ryan C. Giel


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