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Many people are unable to describe chiropractic to someone that has never had any experience with it. They simply say that they are going to the chiropractor to get “cracked.” It is true that a chiropractic adjustment often produces a popping or cracking sound due to Nitrogen gas being released from the joint, but this is not the full story.

Joints go through wear and tear over the years and start to break down and form scar tissue that interferes with how a joint moves. This lack of motion causes irritation that can result in pain, stiffness, and ultimately leading to the joints demise. The lack of motion or stuck joint can also put pressure on the nerves that control every cell, tissue, and organ in the body causing a decrease in their function and pain.

The adjustment restores motion to these joints allowing them to re-lubricate so they don’t further break down, it also relieves nerve pressure to allow the body to function optimally, and ultimately feel better.

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Yours for Better Health,

Ryan C. Giel

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