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What Our Patients Say About Us...

Amazing!‎ - Kelly Fortier
To be able to walk out the door after week of pain. The staff and Doctor are amazing, helpful and show they truly care.

Very Nice!‎ - Eva Scott
Excellent service, tell everything need to know.

Always, Always Excellent!‎ - Chuck Spell
Dr. Giel always gets me back in shape and ready to go. Many thanks. Office staff is great to work with.

Great!!!‎ - T. Powell
Professional staff, good environment and a experience Chiropractic.

Life saving! Dr. Wells is my savior!‎ - Mike Brannock
So I hurt my back right before the 4th of July. I could barely sleep it was locked up so bad. I call Dr. Wells on the morning of the 4th. He called back and agreed to meet me at his office. The adjustment was just what I needed. All just in time for Independence Day fun! Thank you Dr. Wells.

My first trip to the chiropractor‎ - J Gabriel
This was my first trip to the chiropractor and I was skeptical, but I have had really great trips and excellent chiropractic care and would not want to stop going. Dr. Giel has been so great at the work he has done for me. I have had Fibromyalgia for the last 10 years and own so much medication. The treatment has relaxed me so that the pain is not as intense and I have been able to cut my medication down as for as the pain medicine. I can walk better and tolerate the pain easier. I look forward to each week for my treatments which are twice a week. A little word about Cori, Dr. Giel's assistant, the best chiropractic assistant ever.

I have enjoyed this experience greatly!‎ - Robert Robison
After year of being skeptical of chiropractic, I have benefited tremendously from the adjustments and overall treatment. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and relatives with similar problems that I had.

Excellent chiropractor and staff!‎ - Ruth McC.
Excellent office. Loved the staff...made me feel very comfortable, and they really helped me. Never been to a chiropractor before and they were very good.

Exceeded my expectations!‎ - Kitty F.
I was real happy i came to this office. Was referred by a friend of mine. They were friendly, professional, and really cared. Helped my neck pain alot.

First Class Chiropractor‎ - Lynn C.
I just can't believe how good I feel after getting adjusted at the Accident Recovery Center. Not only does my body feel great but I feel so loved after dealing with Dr. Wells and his staff.

Best in the Charlotte!‎ - Anne P.
If you are in need of Chiropractic work - the Accident Recovery Center is where you need to go. Everyone: from the doctor, to staff, to other patients, is so warm and friendly. By back feels great, ...

Dr. Wells and his staff are excellent‎ - Sharon F.
Dr. Wells and his staff are extremely caring, warm, and efficient. He can help with an amazing amount of symptoms, illnesses, pains, and physical disabilities. I trust him completely and feel new every time I am adjusted. I would recommend him to anyone I know regardless of their situation. It is a great atmosphere and provides not only chiropractic help but a warm and loving environment to be a part of.

Great Doctor!!...‎ - Kathy M.
I had issues with chronic neck pain and headaches for years before I saw Dr. Wells. After a few short treatments not only are my headaches and neck pain gone, but I have more energy!

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