Must See For Those Clueless About Med Pay

Medical Payments also known as MedPay is additional insurance coverage. It is added to a persons car insurance policy for the sole purpose of helping to pay medical bills in the event of a motor vehicle accident. MedPay is generally cheap and can be had for under $100 per year giving the person anywhere from $1000 to $25000 in medical coverage. It can be used for hospitals, chiropractic, dental, orthopedic, neurological, general medical and even funerals. MedPay can be used in combination with medical insurance, or can be used without it when an accident occurs. In the event of an accident, MedPay is paid regardless of whose fault the accident was. The medical payments cover everyone in the car, for instance, if an individual has $2000 worth of MedPay and is involved in an accident, everyone in the car is individually entitled to $2000 of chiropractic and or medical care if need be. If the accident was the other persons fault, medical payments will still cover care and should be used. Many people say “if the accident was the other persons fault why would I use my own insurance, theirs should pay.” They are absolutely right, the other company should pay, and they will (in most cases). The Medical payments insurance will not increase your premiums if the accident was not your fault; period. Often times an overage is paid to the doctors office between the medical payments and the at fault insurance company. If over payment occurs between the two insurance companies the refund goes to the patient in addition to whatever settlements the patient negotiates with the at fault party. If you are not going to take advantage of the benefits afforded to you through MedPay then there is no point in paying into it, you are wasting your money. Many people also pay for it and have no clue that the insurance company is charging them extra for it. Many times an accident occurs and the person has no clue that they have coverage. With no clue of coverage how can a person take advantage of it? Again, this is a waste of money.

Yours in health,

Ryan C. Giel

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