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Instrument Adjusting Chiropractic Care

proadjusterpictureAccording to an article posted to Chiroeco a 2006 survey on health status in the U.S reported that the most common pain in Americans is low back pain (25 percent),  following low back pain came neck pain (15 percent), migraine or severe headache (15 percent) and facial pain (4 percent). The great news is that for those who reported pain, chiropractic care was used successfully, and instrument adjusting was favored over manual adjusting.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain is a common cause of facial pain. The TMJ attaches the jaw to the skull and it is what allows the jaw to properly open and close. If the discs of the joint slip out of proper alignment it can result in things such as severe pain, headaches or tinnitus. The adjusting instrument effectively delivers a specific force to the necessary area making it ideal for delivering adjustments to the TMJ.

In a 2005 report, DeVocht et. al documented a case of a woman going through facial pain for seven years with no relief from physical therapy or traditional chiropractic, the TMJ pain she was experiencing resulted in headaches, jaw and shoulder pain. After being treated with instrument-assisted adjustments for five months she was able to open her jaw wider without pain, her headaches disappeared and her pain ratings decreased significantly. After 20 months, her symptoms almost completely disappeared.

Instrument adjusting can be effectively applied to all aspects of the musculo-skeletal system.  It can be used with newborns and older patients with osteoporosis (brittle bones).  Instrument adjusting is safe, consistent, and comfortable, it eliminates the need to twist, turn, pop, or crack during the adjusting process.  Dr. Giel, a Charlotte Chiropractor is a trained instrument adjusting doctor practicing in west Charlotte NC at the Accident Recovery Center.

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