I Have Been To the Hospital and My MD after A Car Accident, Should I Still See a Chiropractor?

Car accidents are one of the most stressful events a person will go through in their lives. Most people will experience this stressful event several times over. According to Fox Business June 17 2011 “So if you got your license at age 16, the odds are quite good that you’ll experience some kind of crash by the time you’re 34, at the latest. Over the course of a typical long, driving lifetime, you should have a total of three to four accidents.” Many accidents wind up in the emergency room or at the persons medical doctor. The result is usually the same at these two offices, a quick exam, x-rays, and a prescription followed by “If the pain gets worse, make an appointment to come back” and that’s it. This is not a sufficient solution to a significant traumatic incident. A car accident is a traumatic event that causes a reaction regardless of whether pain results from it or not. The jarring of joints and muscles causes an inflammatory response that depending on the severity causes pain and results in scar tissue that causes joints to break down, and interrupts the body’s ability to function properly over time. Yes the pain will go away especially with addictive mind altering prescription drugs, but scar tissue will develop and significantly contribute to the body’s wear and tear over the years resulting in debilitating arthritis.

A mechanical injury like a car accident needs a mechanical solution, not a chemical one. Chiropractic offers that mechanical solution because chiropractors are extensively trained in the diagnosis and treatment of muscular and spinal bio mechanics (how the muscles, joints and skeleton interact with each other). Chiropractors along with osteopaths are the only doctors approved, and qualified to manipulate the damaged joints resulting from a motor vehicle accident. If you combine that with our expertise in rehabilitating the muscular system you can easily see that our profession provides the most logical solution to a very common mechanical, traumatic, event.

Even if you have already been evaluated by the hospital and or your medical doctor, do not hesitate to seek out a chiropractor for another opinion and a natural, sensible, approach to your accident recovery process. Your body will thank you for it, I promise.

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