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Here’s a Tip That Can Help You Avoid That Familiar Afternoon Crash

It’s three o’clock and here comes that infamous everyday struggle, patients in my Charlotte NC chiropractic clinic complain about it all the time.  You are staring blankly at your computer and down  your eyelids go like Frazier in 1973. Quickly you open them only to find them fighting you to close, and so goes the eye lid yo-yo until you either change your atmosphere or get startled by your boss.  Whats happening is your blood sugar levels are dropping in a response to the insulin working to bring them down.  When you overload on carbohydrates like so many of us do at lunch, your bodies blood sugar level soars, and without insulin to keep it in check you would die.   The insulin response is almost as severe as the spike in sugar.  It causes the the blood sugar levels to crash and there goes all of your energy.  Many of us live in this manic cycle all day, everyday, and are termed “Chronically Fatigued” like one has caught a disease or something.  The solution to avoiding the sugar crash is to eat proportioned meals.  To keep it simple three macro-nutrients make up the majority of meals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  The ratio of the three should be 1:1:1/10  one carbohydrate to one protein to one tenth fat.  Breads, pastas, vegetables, and sugary drinks are carbs, meats like fish, beef, and chicken are protiens, and oils, and meat fat is the fat we are talking about.  Eat in these proportions and im sure you will be able to feel a difference in energy levels right away.

Yours in Health,

Ryan Giel DC

Charlotte Chiropractor

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