Do You Know What A Tens Is?

TENS, an acronym for Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a small portable device run by a 9 volt battery that delivers an electrical impulse to the skin. The impulse penetrates to the muscle helping reduce spasm. It also affects the nerve endings causing a release of endorphins (a natural pain reliever).

Most insurance covers home TENS unit use prescribed by a chiropractor. TENS units are safe and easy to use but there are certain things to be careful of. You should never use the pads over your heart, temples, or front of your neck. Pads should not be used over the abdomen if you are pregnant, and should never be used if you have had a pacemaker installed. The unit should be used in 15-20 minute intervals and can be used in conjunction with either heat or ice depending on what your physician recommends.

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