Chiropractors Helping Kids

From runny noses, to ear infections, and even stomachaches, parents are turning to chiropractors to help their children. Many parents are concerned with the increasing use of antibiotics from medical doctors. Chiropractic care is very different from the care they receive from a pediatrician. Frequently when a child is sick the traditional action to take is to give them antibiotics. Chiropractic care differs from those traditional methods by having adjustments (if necessary) done to the spine. Adjustments free up interference in the nervous system, and restore it to 100%. The nervous system controls all of our body’s functions. Once the nervous system is fully functioning the body can then fight off the illness, and prevent future attacks naturally. The birthing process and the rapid growth rate of infants are very dramatic changes for a baby to go through. These changes can directly affect the vertebrae of the spine and cause dysfunction to the nervous system. It is extremely helpful to have someone that understands this process, can check the infants, and make sure everything is going smoothly in their development. A chiropractor is trained to detect and treat the causes of a multitude of problems that children encounter quite often. Once a chiropractor narrows down the cause of the problem they are also trained to manage that problem accordingly. There have been a lot of cases where chiropractic care gives children almost instant resolution. According to Dr. Elise Hewitt in an article from the Star Tribune, the number of children under chiropractic care is growing so much that in 2012 almost 2 million children received it. If you or someone you know is not sure if Chiropractic care would be right for your little one, pick up the phone, call your local chiropractor, and ask if they treat children. If they do, then ask for a free consultation with the doctor. Any caring doctor should be happy to sit down and discuss if an exam would be appropriate for your child’s needs.

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