Chiropractic Care For Golfers

An article I recently read on ValpoLife opened my eyes to the fact that there are 30 million golfers currently in the United States and 24 million of us will experience back pain at some point. The back pain can be either upper, middle, low or any combination of the three in varying degrees of severity. Most will “play through it” only to have it return in the future with a vengeance. Others will take medication, either over the counter or prescription to mask the pain. Some will cut back on playing, and some will discontinue the game all together. There is good news fellow golfers, for the majority of you, your back pain is coming from a physical problem stemming from the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system. These problems need a physical type treatment not only to eliminate the pain, but to correct the problem so it doesn’t re-surface. This is why treating a physical back problem with medication is not practical, you cannot treat a physical problem with chemicals.

Chiropractic is the leading alternative health care choice for people suffering from back pain. It is a physical approach to the prevention and ease of physical dis-ease. The human spine is essential to human life and it plays an enormous part in the golf swing. The human spine needs to be very flexible for the back swing, and follow through. The human spine needs to be stable and strong at address and when standing over a putt (some stand over many more putts and for much longer time than others, you know who you are.) Chiropractors are trained to detect spinal weakness, instability, and loss of motion in the spine. Chiropractors achieve this with complete consultations, physical exams, and x-ray. Chiropractors are also fully trained in the treatment of mechanical problems with the use of manipulation, specific stabilizing exercises, and proactive state of the art stretching techniques.

Golfers can also benefit from Chiropractors for pain relief. Most chiropractors use modalities like electric stimulation, laser therapy, massage therapy, traction, cold laser, ice, heat, and therapeutic ultrasound to relieve pain fast and increase the healing time of injuries. If you are suffering from back pain and it is affecting aspects of your game visit a chiropractor today to find out if they can help. Consultations are free, and I’m sure any chiropractor would be happy to talk about your situation and recommend the correct next step for you and your problem.

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