Charlotte Car Accident Injury Chiropractor Discusses Car Accident Injuries

In our Charlotte Chiropractic clinic we specialize in helping people physically recover from motor vehicle accidents with the combination of advanced computerized technology and gentle hands on techniques. In our office we care for the spine, and all of the soft tissue surrounding it.

Ligaments and muscles are most commonly damaged after a car accident. Ligaments connect bones to bones and cover joints, tendons attach the muscles to bones. Upon collision the ligaments, tendons, and muscles are rapidly pulled resulting in multiple degrees of injury ranging from a mild pull to a complete tear. After collision inflammation sets in and causes pain. Within one day after the collision scar tissue starts to form and slowly builds every day there after. The building scar tissue causes decreased motion in the vertebrae of the spine and a loss of flexibility in the muscular system. The combination of these two factors ultimately can lead to spinal degeneration otherwise known as arthritis, and this can happen years after the automobile accident.

In our office we have the most technologically advanced computerized system to analyze and treat the spine. We also use time tested manual techniques to manipulate the spine and muscular system. In addition, we utilize physical therapy therapeutic modalities and postural aids.

Yours for better health,

Dr. Ryan Giel

Charlotte Chiropractor

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