Car Accidents Major Side Effect

Many people get into car accidents, become really sore, and simply tough it out instead of going to the doctor, especially men. I usually only see men in the office when they either cant do, or cant enjoy the things important to them like work, golf, or sex. Often the pain and soreness from the accident subsides so the person thinks they have healed. True the inflammation has subsided, the pain has gone away, but scar tissue forms, interfering with the normal motion of the spine. When the human spine moves it infuses fluid into the joint, the fluid lubricates the joint and brings hydration to it. When scar tissue is present from past traumas the joint can not move properly and can not hydrate itself appropriately leading to its demise. Arthritis is when a joint breaks down due to wear and tear, the cushioning wears out and the bone packs on pointy shards of additional bone called spurs. The spurs can irritate soft tissue structures like ligaments and tendons causing pain. When the joint completely wears out surgical intervention is necessary. The next time you or a loved one gets in a motor vehicle accident big or small don’t hesitate to call a chiropractor. Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals specifically trained in the detection and treatment of misaligned vertebrae that are not moving the way they should. Chiropractic care decreases your chances of developing or worsening osteoarthritis.

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