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Car Accident Relief Through Chiropractic

opiodsAs a Charlotte Chiropractor I see plenty of car accident victims on a daily basis, and I do a fantastic job of providing natural pain relief.  After reading an article on the Business Wire I realized that many victims of car accidents unknowingly fall into the dangerous web of prescription painkiller treatment.  These patients are unaware of the effectiveness of alternative care like chiropractic.  Often times after a car accident, people go straight to the ER, (don’t get me wrong) this can be a very important step in saving one’s life.  What people need to realize is that the emergency room is specifically for emergencies.  The ER doctors check patients to make sure there are no life threatening injuries and often give them a pain reliever followed up with a recommendation to see their medical doctor.  This is less than adequate care for the recovery of injuries sustained via motor vehicle accident.  Once they see their MD they are usually given more pain medication and instructed to return if the pain doesn’t go away after some time (again, less than adequate care.)  The individual is now left with more pain medication than needed and the potential for abuse.  According to a report put out by the CDC in 2014, there have been approximately 30,000 fatalities by abuse of prescribed opiod drugs annually accounting for approximately 60 percent of all overdose deaths.  Although the United States comprises only 5 percent of the the earths population, we consume almost 80 percent of the worlds prescription opiod drug supply.  In 17 states the number one cause of death is prescription medication, surpassing automobile accidents.

Chemicals can not fix a physical problem.  Chiropractic care mechanically rehabilitates the musculo-skeletal system by mobilizing joints that are stuck from accumulating scar tissue and stabilizing joints as good as possible that have been stretched.  Chiropractors use gentle hands on techniques and safe mechanical modalities to assist in the healing process.  There is no risk of addiction or overdose, there is no prescription or referral needed.  The chiropractor will preform their own thorough exam, take a history, and x-rays if needed.

Yours for better health,

Dr. Ryan C. Giel

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