Blog Jaw Pain Linked to Migraines

In a recent news article and broadcast by Channel News 7 Panama Florida they talked about how the pain from temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction could in fact cause migraine headaches. The temporal mandibular joint connects the jaw to the skull and allows movement side to side and up and down. The joint can run into problems from things like excessive chewing, prolonged open mouth position (dentist), trauma (car accident), and nighttime grinding. Once the joint is irritated it can get out of track causing further irritation and pain. The jaw pain can radiate to the patients head mimicking a migraine headache. The irritation can affect nerves that go up to the head, and these nerves can affect the blood vessels ability to constrict or dilate properly causing a migraine.

The article goes on to say that chiropractic can help. Chiropractors can work on all of the joints of the body and the TMJ is no exception. When this joint becomes dysfunctional it is important for the chiropractor to restore proper function to it through manipulation, and soft tissue procedures. Chiropractors and massage therapists can instruct the patient on home muscle techniques to help ease the patient’s pain and increase recovery time. If you are looking to fix your TMJ problem and possibly your migraines, without the use of dangerous addictive drugs or surgery, have a board certified, licensed, chiropractor evaluate you today.

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