Balance, Posture, and Alternative Medicine

Posture and balance are terms that go hand in hand when it comes to human beings. One must have “good posture” in order to have “good balance.” Posture relates to the position of a person’s body in the seated or standing position. A well balanced body front to back, left to right, is said to have good posture. Posture and balance are not only physically and mentally important, but especially important as to how others perceive an individual.

In an article by the San Diego Union Tribune entitled Alternative medicine can help patients maintain balance Vivian Eisenstadt, a postural specialist and chief therapist explains how poor posture can be construed as a lack of confidence, shyness, and closed communication among other things. “I explain how the way you stand and sit reflects to the world who you are as a person, and how you might come across when you are out of balance versus balanced,” Eisenstadt said. “Physically I fix posture by massaging and stretching the muscles pulling the person out of position, mobilizing the spine into balance, strengthening the weak postural muscles and teaching proper ergonomics.”

Dr. Joseph Snyder a chiropractor with Discover Wellness Coronado explains “When we have good spinal alignment and function, we have the best chance of having good health and well-being,” Snyder said. “When we return proper motion to the spinal column, the body is in the best position to heal itself naturally. And this is a huge component in improving posture.”

Contrary to what most people think, good posture goes much deeper than simply pushing your shoulders back, or sucking in your gut. Chiropractors specialize in determining the underlying cause of postural imbalance and focus their attention on correcting it with skeletal alignment, stretching, and strengthening techniques that utilize core balance exercises. For more information on alternative method techniques please read the attached link, or inquire about your posture at your local chiropractic, physical therapy, or acupuncturist office.

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