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Athletes and Chiropractic Nonprofit Org Team Up

zach_johnson_golf_swingCongratulation’s Zach Johnson for winning the 2015 British Open, that makes 2 professional golf “major” wins for Mr. Johnson and he attributes some of his success to regular chiropractic treatments.  In fact, Zach has been under chiropractic care for quite some time because his father Dr. David Johnson graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977.  Dr. Johnson states “Zach has been receiving chiropractic care his entire life,”  he also notes that “Throughout his professional career, Zach has relied on chiropractic to help prevent, manage and treat the wide array of injuries that athletes are susceptible to, and to help keep his body functioning at its best.”

According to the Business Wire, Zach Johnson and other professional golf athletes such as Jordan Spieth (2015 Masters and U.S. Open winner) have teamed up with The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress in order to raise awareness of the many great benefits of chiropractic care.  PGA tour chiropractor Troy Van Biezen states “Regular chiropractic care helps to maintain proper postural balance, reduce the risk of injury, and improve recovery time and overall health.”

With rapidly growing evidence surrounding the dangers of addictive, deadly pain medication, people need to be educated on alternative methods of care.  The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and professional athletes from all over the globe are taking steps to ensure that education happens.

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