Are Migraines Ruining Your Life?

Most of us mini mize our problems, I see it every day in my practice. A friend of mine Dr. Henry Sanon a North Miami Chiropractor agrees and see’s his patients doing the exact same thing. A new patient comes into the office with complaints of migraine headaches, they have had them for years and learned to live with them, they have a “high tolerance for pain” and the headaches are “not that bad.” After a little coaxing from a family member who is tired of seeing their loved one suffer every month they come in to the office. After talking for a bit we get to the truth, this person misses work 2-3 days a month because the headaches get so bad they can not tolerate noise or light. The headaches are often accompanied by nausea and occasional vomiting. The patient still states that at least this is not every day, or every week, just every month and once in a while the migraine will skip a month. My response is that 3 days a month, almost every month, is approximately ten percent of their life spent incapacitated. It not only affects them directly, but it affects everybody around them, from the co-workers that have to do more when time is missed, to the boss having to decide to keep this employee, to the family that is losing this person for 3 days every episode. Medication sometimes dulls the pain allowing this person to work or socialize, but they are unable to enjoy anything when the headache is present even though dulled.

There are certain triggers to migraine headaches and they vary widely, some are foods; aged cheese, alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners. Stress, hormonal changes, weight changes, medications, sleep inconsistencies, and certain smells/chemicals like perfumes.

Studies have shown chiropractic to be very effective in treating migraine headaches. In our office we take a multifaceted approach to naturally healing migraine headache episodes. If there is pressure on a nerve that innervates the blood vessels in a persons head then that nerve will not be able to send the brains instructions to the blood vessels appropriately. When this occurs the vessels do not constrict and dilate the way they should causing a migraine headache. If we determine this to be the underlying cause of the headaches then we can help cure the problem naturally. We combine specific spinal adjusting with attention also placed on the muscular system. Most of the time we see people who regularly get migraine headaches to be stressed out so we put them on natural supplements called adrenal support. Through this multifaceted approach we have achieved remarkable results. So if you or a loved one are suffering through episode after episode of migraine headaches stop minimizing your problem and do something about it, get it fixed, stop managing it and minimizing it, see your local chiropractor today.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Ryan Giel

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