A Car Accident That is Not Your Fault Should Never Cost You Out of Pocket

Here at the Accident Recovery Center we pride ourselves on patient satisfaction. When it comes to personal injury patients as a result of car accidents that are not their fault we never charge the patient up front. The patients well being is what is most important after a wreck. After the patient has completed a course of treatment their bills are either sent to the attorney if they have retained one or to the insurance company of the at fault party. Our insurance specialists collect payment from them, not the patient. In the event the insurance company denies liability after the patient has started treatment with us, we will NOT pass the cost along to the patient. We will simply discuss what kind of payment arrangement works for both parties. Accident Recovery Center accepts most all major medical insurance and has very affordable cash prices. So if you have been involved in a car accident don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, or just drop by for a thorough examination. Your health may depend on it.

Yours for Better Health,

Dr. Ryan C. Giel


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