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Charlotte Chiropractor Provides Accident Recovery

After an accident the pain and soreness may subside and often times the person thinks they have healed.  The Accident Recovery Center a friendly chiropractor in Charlotte NC and experts in determining the extent of an individuals injuries after an accident.  Even though the inflammatory response has subsided and the pain has gone away, there is scar tissue that forms.  The scar tissue that forms interferes with the normal motion of the spine.  The problem with loss of motion to the spine is that the human spine moves in part to infuse fluid into the joints, the fluid lubricates the joints and brings hydration to them.  When scar tissue occurs due to past traumas like a car accident, the joint can not move properly and can not hydrate itself appropriately leading to its demise termed arthritis.  Arthritis is when any joint breaks down due to trauma.  The joints most affected by arthritis are the joints of the spine.  Spinal joints lose cartilage and this is detrimental because the cartilage separates one spinal joint from another.  Without this separation we would have a situation of bone on bone and that situation is very painful. Severe arthritis often leads to surgery. Even before the situation gets severe it can be painful because vertebrae pack on pointy bone spurs.  The spurs can irritate soft tissue structures like ligaments and tendons causing pain.  The next time you or a loved one gets in a motor vehicle accident big or small don’t hesitate to call us.  Accident Recovery Center a Charlotte chiropractor can prevent serious problems from occurring in the future as a result of motor vehicle accident injury.

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